Monday, November 4th 7PM - 8PM, Ballroom

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workshop icon smarthome mouseover.png

Monday, November 4th 7PM - 8PM, Ballroom


Move over, Jetson Family! Smarthomes are no longer a fantasy, and are accessible to everyone, not just the rich and famous.

Come to this class to learn fundamentals of setting up a Smarthome that will let you:
- Control home lights - voice, phone control, and/or pre-programmed timing
- Learn what electronic devices can be made "smart", like smoke alarms, security cameras, water level sensors, etc
- Monitor or control your house from anywhere around the world

Topics will include:
- What is a smart home?
- Design your smart home to fit your needs
- Key components of a smart home, how to research, buy, and configure your components
- Develop and sticking to a budget
- Dealing with glitches and frustrations


Robert Jones has been a resident of North Rosedale Park for 5 years. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University, and has 25 years of experience in engineering management in the automotive and electronics industries. He currently volunteers as a Robotics Coach at Cooke Stem in NRP. He is an avid cook, electronics hobbyist and traveler.

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