Friday December 13th, 10AM - 11:30AM

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workshop icon sage.png

Friday December 13th, 10AM - 11:30AM


Crystals have revolutionized technology due to their low entropy and ability to respond in unique ways to a wide variety of energies such as heat, light and electricity. The ancients used crystals much in the same way our technology today does, but instead of an electrical input for example, they utilized various subtle energies, such as thought, emotion, and bioelectricity. Today, we are rediscovering how we can use crystals for better health, happiness and healing.

Join Teanne as she guides you through an introduction about the who, what, where, when and why of crystals and sage smudging, and how you can use these tools for self development, protection, and growth.

The Universe certainly knew what it was doing when it brought April and Teanne together. 

A new yoga student at Hippie Yoga, Teanne connected immediately with the studio's owner, April, and that connection quickly grew into a rewarding friendship. Through the years, they have helped one another discover and embark upon new paths of spiritual growth.

Endless discussions about crystals and metaphysical wellness led them to the natural conclusion that they wanted to bring their shared passion of healing energies and crystals to the world… and it wasn't long before Crystal Path was born!

It is truly April and Teanne's pleasure and privilege to share their knowledge and love of crystals with you.

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