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The North Rosedale Park Civic Association (NRPCA) is a membership organization of current and former residents and businesses dedicated to preserving the neighborhood and enhancing residential quality of life.

By joining the North Rosedale Park Civic Association you can take advantage of numerous opportunities and stay up to date on the issues currently affecting the neighborhood. Annual Membership dues support the ongoing programs of the NRPCA and the operations of the Community House and Park. The stronger the membership, the greater the programs and services available for the neighborhood.

As a member, you’ll learn about unique ways that your neighbors are volunteering their time to help preserve and shape the future of North Rosedale Park!


Annual North Rosedale Park Civic Association membership dues help to support the work of our primarily volunteer-based organization. Your membership supports efforts such as:

  • The Tattler newsletter, which is delivered to every home in the neighborhood

  • An active Block Club program that meets monthly

  • A Code Enforcement & Zoning Team that provides information on city ordinances

  • The Foreclosure Prevention and Vacant Property Task Force

  • Monthly Neighborhood Safety Meetings

  • A variety of social events that promote a sense of community

  • Maintenance of the Community House and grounds

  • Advocacy efforts to request improve city, county, and state services

  • Community House rental discount

  • Weekly farmers' market

The cost of membership in the North Rosedale Park Civic Association for Park Residents is $75.00 per year, or $20 per quarter. Being a member of the NRPCA entitles you to all of the things listed above and makes you an owner and contributing member of the community.

North Rosedale Park Civic Association Membership 2019
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