North Rosedale Park Civic Association (NRPCA) is “going live” on Monday, August 7, to raise the remaining match for a $76,000 Knight Arts Challenge Grant to fund a 25-foot metal sculpture by celebrated artist Charles McGee on the grounds of the Community House, and a large tile mosaic by master muralist Hubert Massey on the façade of Cooke STEM Academy, the neighborhood school.  Both are along the new 5-mile NeighborWay walkway connecting the Grandmont Rosedale Communities.

Here’s where you come in--visit our crowd funding site, , to learn more about the project.  Consider making an online donation to help us meet our $20,000 goal.  Or, if you prefer, mail your check or money order to NRPCA, 18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, MI 48223.  Please put Knight Arts Challenge on the memo line.  Every gift matters!!