North Rosedale Park Civic Association Standing Committees

Block Captains

Chair:  Clarenda Webb
Strong blocks make up the backbone of a strong neighborhood. The North Rosedale Park Block Captains are volunteers that are assigned to communicate directly with neighbors on their block and share ideas and concerns to the North Rosedale Park Civic Association.

Code Enforcement & Zoning

Chair: Beverly Frederick 
The Code Enforcement and Zoning Committee works to apply the City of Detroit’s zoning and licensing policies in a reasonable and consistent manner that encourages residents and businesses to improve and invest in their property, while respecting the rights and interests of their neighbors and the historic character and long-term goals of the neighborhood.

Engagement Committee

Chair: Kimberly Dorsey, Members: Chelsea Neblett, Adrianne Henry, Beverly Frederick 

In order to increase engagement and neighborliness, the Engagement Committee was formed to plan fun, family friendly events for the community. In addition, the engagement committee is committed to increasing communication between the NRPCA Board and residents of North Rosedale Park. 


Chair: Chelsea Neblett, Kimberly Dorsey, Tracey Matlock, Susan Steigerwalt, Adrienne Henry, Rose Love, and Beverly Frederick
The North Rosedale Park Civic Association Membership Committee collects dues from current and prospective members, maintains the association’s membership roster, develops a “Welcome Package” that contains information about the association, makes a report on the number of members to the full body at each meeting, and organizes and implements membership drives.

Neighborhood Safety

Chair: Clarenda Webb, Chelsea Neblett
All North Rosedale Park residents are expected to subscribe to Dusing Security & Surveillance, the neighborhood security service. The Safety Committee meets regularly with representatives from the Detroit Police Department to discuss issues of public safety in North Rosedale Park, sponsors a monthly safety meeting for residents to discuss such issues, and participates in meetings and talks on related issues.

Programming Department

Chair: Gloria Goodwine
Vice Chairs: Claretha Doggan, Paulette Brown, and Betty Redditt
Members and Leads: Noelle Chatman, Johnetta Chatman, , Debbra Pearce, Judith Richardson and Patricia Kennedy
Advisers:  Marquette Moore, Beverly Frederick and Carolyn Yelder
The North Rosedale Park Programming Department is responsible for the programming that take place in or on the Community House Grounds and Park. Programming includes Health and Fitness, Quality of Life, Youth, Senior and Outreach. For information about specific offerings, please visit the Programming page at  

Vacant Homes Task Force

Chair:  Clarenda Webb, Beverly Frederick, and Fred Russell
In 2006, recognizing the potential devastation that the national foreclosure crisis could have on our neighborhood, the North Rosedale Park Civic Association convened a task force to begin identifying solutions to preserve neighborhood properties. In 2007, the work was broadened by the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation and under their leadership a group of very committed neighbors have collaborated with the the Detroit Association of Realtors, Detroit Vacant Property Campaign, and all of our area neighborhood associations to tackle the problems associated with the increased number of vacant homes in our community.


Additional Committees and Contact information available here